Our Paparazzi "Why"

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We are Ashley and Sam Gibbs, wife and husband, parents to two beautiful, smart and happy girls, and co-owners of Fabulous For Five!

ASHLEY: I started our business in 2013 while I was working 55 hours a week at a job I loved. I was invited to an online Paparazzi party, and I thought it would be easy and fun to sell! Date night and vacation money was all I was after at the time. I went to Sam to see what he thought.

SAM: I didn't know anything about Paparazzi, but I was skeptical, and I didn't know how Ashley would have time for it. But she was excited and she brought it up several times, so I told her to write up a plan on how she was going to pay us back for the investment within 3 months.

ASHLEY: I put together my plan, he agreed, and I jumped in. I hosted my first open house and sold almost my entire starter kit in one 2-hour party! So much for a 3-month payback plan, I broke even in weeks! I was hooked on this $5 jewelry!

A couple of years went by of consistently having several parties each month and growing my own team, which happened organically because my shoppers wanted to have fun making money too. Sam and I started talking more often about having a baby. It was important to us for me to be able to stay home with our children when the time came.

SAM: It was 2015, I had an OK job – I didn't love it, decent money, but it wasn't enough for Ashley to not have some sort of income. We realized the only way she was going to be able to stay home was if the Paparazzi business grew. 

ASHLEY: I began devoting much more time in my business actively growing and coaching my team. I was still working my full-time job, but with big goals in mind I was driven to make personal-time sacrifices in the short term so that we could enjoy this new life with our child when she came along. Our sales and team thrived, we started hitting new ranks within Paparazzi, and when July 2016 arrived, I was 7 months pregnant and leaving my full-time job! 

It has been such a tremendous blessing that I’m not even sure we could have dreamt it!

SAM: In early 2018, I came on full time with Ashley, and Fabulous For Five become our sole income. It took a while for me to get my footing and figure out how to best utilize my knowledge and talents to grow our business, but I took charge of inventory management, built our website, started marketing and using new communications tools, and began analyzing sales data to develop better purchasing habits. And I'm now working with a developer on a proprietary app that we and our team will be able to use, hopeful starting in December.

ASHLEY: In November 2017, we achieved the rank of Executive Producer, the official Elite Status within Paparazzi Accessories; in March 2020, we ranked up to Fashionista. Being "Elite" comes with a lot of responsibility, and a lot of perks. Each Spring we are invited on an all-expenses-paid trip to amazing locations – including Park City, Utah; Palm Springs, California; and most recently, the Dominican Republic – where we gather with other Elite leaders to train exclusively with the Founders of Paparazzi Accessories.

SAM: We also attend Empower Me Pink events each Spring, as well as Convention in Las Vegas. We also host our own training events at different times throughout the year for our team, and recently co-hosted a training here in Indianapolis with other Elite leaders.

We take our role as an Elite business very seriously – we know how much others poured into us to help us get where we are, and we're eager and happy to share our years of experience and knowledge with new Consultants.

ASHLEY: With Sam coming on, we have grown our sales by more than 300%, and we hit the sales rank of Pink Diamond in the 2020-2021 fiscal year! With Pink Diamond Access, we get to bring back TWO exclusive items from the Paparazzi historical catalog – one in it's original color, and another in a color we choose, which has never been released!

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If you're looking for a side hustle just for fun, to help on a car payment, or maybe even leave your job, reach out – we're more than happy to help!

While this form does not include information regarding accessory sales income, you can learn about possible team commissions earnings at this link: PAPARAZZI COMMISSION INCOME DISCLOSURE FORM