Our Paparazzi "Why"

Thank you so much for checking out our online store! My name is Ashley Gibbs, and I am the wife to the most wonderful husband in the world and Mommy to a beautiful, sweet and happy little girl.

When I started my Paparazzi business 6 years ago I was working 55 hours a week (a job I loved). After attending an online Paparazzi party, I thought it would be fun – and incredibly easy – to sell! Date night and vacation money was all I was after at the time. I had to have plan to pay us back for our investment within 3 months before my husband, Sam, would agree. I put together my plan, he agreed, and I jumped in. I hosted my first open house and sold almost my entire starter kit in one 2-hour party! So much for a 3-month payback plan – I broke even in four weeks! I was hooked on this $5 jewelry.

A couple of years went by of consistently having several parties each month and beginning to grow my own team (which happened organically because my shoppers wanted to have fun making money, too), and Sam and I started talking more often about having a baby. It was extremely important to us for me to be able to stay home with our children when the time came, and we realized true potential in this business to take us down that very path. I began devoting much more time in my business actively growing and coaching my team. I was still working my full-time job, but with big goals in mind I was driven to make personal-time sacrifices in the short term so that we could enjoy this new life with our child when she came along. Our sales and team thrived and we started hitting new ranks within the company, and when July 2016 arrived I was 7 months pregnant and retiring from my full-time job! About a 18 months later we were able to retire Sam from his job, as well. It has been such a tremendous blessing that I’m not even sure we could have dreamt it!

In November of 2017 we achieved the rank of Executive Producer, which is official Elite Status within Paparazzi! It’s an incredible honor, privilege and great responsibility to be in the place we are with our team, and Paparazzi rewards us richly for helping our team members succeed, including an all-expenses paid trip for BOTH of us to a new location each year for leadership training! We’ve also attended Convention in Las Vegas, Empower Me Pink conferences in Ohio, hosted our own team trainings in Indiana, and more! There are countless ways for consultants to learn, grow and succeed!

My personal sales helped me achieve Life of the Party with Diamond Access, which gifts me with exclusive jewelry each month, more free jewelry than I could have imagined, and even a free girl’s weekend trip to Vegas with two of our Paparazzi founders, who rewarded all Diamond Access consultants with a $2,000 shopping spree! I also walked the stage at convention multiple times, received a Swarovski crystal-encrusted crown, flowers, an exclusive necklace, and more gifts and swag than I knew what to do with! This company is so generous, and this career of ours has been such a blessing throughout the many adventures it’s taken us on!

And fabulousfivedollaraccessories.com is the next step in our journey!